St. Catherine Labouré
11801 Claridge Road, Wheaton, MD 20902
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St. Catherine Labouré

Catholic Church † Iglesia Católica  

SCL Parish Council 2017-2018

Executive Officers:


 Rev. Francisco E. Aguirre 


- Rev. Alberto Biondi

[email protected]

 Deacon Raymond Chaput

 Deacon Rafael Pagan

 Deacon Stephane Philogene

[email protected]

 Deacon Bartolo Serafini



 Joaquin Trejo, DRE
301-946-3636 extn.4 [email protected] 

Committee Liaisons:

 Joaquin Trejo, DRE ~ Education
301-946-3636 extn.4 
Parishioner involvement is a MUST if our faith community is to thrive. All parishioners are invited to participate fully in this election process.

What can I do?

1. Nominate yourself for a position on the council or
2. Nominate someone else (with their permission) to run for a position, and
3. Everyone can vote on the candidates on Election Sunday.

How do I nominate myself or someone else?

Obtain a Nomination Form from the vestibule or from the parish website, complete it as a self-nomination or by nominating someone else, then put the form in the box provided in the vestibule or leave it at the rectory office by the closing date of April 27th.

What are the functions of a Parish Council member?

The nominee should:

1. Be an active, registered member of our parish who is at least 18 years of age; 2. Be committed to a term of three (3) years; 3. Be committed to regular Council meetings once a month for eight (8) months. 4. Perform duties along with other parishioners, as necessary, to effect the orderly functioning of the parish; and be a Liaison to certain parish organizations 5. Represent the people of St. Catherine Laboure Church by informing the Council and ultimately advise and work with the Pastor on issues of concern to our parishioners and to the successful fulfillment of our parish goals and spiritual growth.

What is the makeup of the Council?

Our Council consists of twelve (12) voting members, one (1) appointed youth representative, and several ex-officio members all who are men and women of diverse ages, racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds, i.e., a reflection of our parish, and abiding by the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

But I still have a question. Who can I talk to?

You can contact F. Francisco E. Aguire: 301-946-3636 or [email protected]

Council as of 01-2019

St. Catherine Laboure Catholic Church - Archdiocese of Washington DC